Ebisu Esthetic Surgery- The only clinic that specializes in anti-aging in Japan

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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0021 Japan

Ebisu Esthetic Surgery The only clinic that specializes in anti-aging in Japan

The most effective method in anti-aging・・・Cosmetic surgery as operative treatment

For anti-aging, consumption of healthy food, use of health and beauty products, esthetics, various laser treatments and many other approaches exist. However, achieving assertive effects of these approaches are unfortunately difficult.

Many people hesitate surgical incision due to the creation of a scar. However, past 2,000 patients who have been operated have gotten positive results. From seeing most patients with great satisfaction, we believe surgery is the best method in anti-aging.
Anti-aging surgery doesn’t change one’s facial feature. It is a surgery that changes back to one’s youthful self.

Top-class in extensive experience and high in number of cases.
The only clinic that specializes in anti-aging in Japan

Counseling, treatment, and follow-up will be provided by surgeons with more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic/plastic surgery, have operated 3000 Anti-Aging Surgeries, and administered 20,000 cosmetic injections in the past.
We do understand that the number of operations and years of experience does not specify remarkable surgery, but please keep as a reference.

Private Clinic・・・Full clinic reservation is available.

We like to hear from our patients, and give as much information as possible. From that, we only take an average appointment of 1 group per hour.
The clinic is only done by appointment; thus seeing another patient is not likely.
The waiting area is also a private room, in hopes to provide patients a relaxing time.
Any patient who prefers further privacy, full clinic reservation is available as well.

Prices are AM(10:00~14:00) or PM(14:00~18:00) at ¥300,000, and full day (10:00~18:00) at ¥500,000.
Any treatment done within the price is free of charge. Full clinic reservation made by group is also available.

Who we can help

・For anti-aging, have tried esthetics and/or laser treatment, but feel unsatisfied and doubtful with the outcome. (We have confidence in providing with significantly better results)

・Can’t afford the time to visit the clinic numerous times. Want to be able to finish in 1 treatment and have significant results. (The routine clinic visit is unnecessary)

・Want less downtime in swelling and pain. Want to be unnoticed by people from having cosmetic surgery. (Minor swelling after facelift surgery at our clinic)

・Want to have reliable surgery but want to hold down expenses. (Our clinic has competitive, reasonable pricing compared to other clinics)

Full Private Room Available Treatment done in a relaxed space 8th floor of the center glazed building

Handle matters carefully・・・To achieve to your desire as much as possible.

The Ebisu Esthetic Surgery Clinic is a private clinic

Only take an average appointment of 1 group per hour. With the relatively long time given, we would like to have thorough communication with the patients. In doing so, we would like to build trust and take out as much fear from the patient.

What we desire from our patient is to tell us their requests as much as possible.
For example, why you became interested in taking the surgery, or what kind of effects is desired etc. Some may desire a major effect, while others desire unnoticeable revision. We work towards increasing patient satisfaction, so please give us your honest request and opinion.

Only recommend necessity with sincerity and honesty

Because the clinic is a cosmetic surgery for anti-aging, many methods may be recommended to enhance effectiveness to the patients who came to counseling. But we believe trust between doctor and patient is very important. From that we only recommend methods to our patients with an outcome to their satisfactory. After counseling even if the patient request certain treatment, the clinic may refuse to operate if the outcome may not result to their satisfaction.

In order to build a lasting relationship, we keep in mind of sincerity and honesty

・Head Director of Clinic DR. Tetsu Yanagida
・Born in Tokyo
・Spends childhood in Cairo, Egypt
・Graduated from University of Tottori, Faculty of Medicine
・Served as Captain of the Ski Team during university
・Completed Surgical Training at National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center.
・Studied Anesthesiology, critical care, etc.
・Entered Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Tokyo Medical University Hospital
・Studied Plastic Surgery from the basics, which later became the core theme for Cosmetic Surgery
・Built experience at clinics specialized in cosmetic surgeries
・Served as Head Director at Sendai and Sapporo
・Served as an Anti-Aging Medical Surgeon Specialist at John Hopkins Medicine International affiliated institution
・Became Head Director of Ebisu Esthetic Surgery Clinic in the year 2011

・Over 20 years of experience in Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
・Anti-Aging Surgeries operated: 3,000~4,000 cases
・Cosmetic injections administered: 20,000~25,000 cases
・Official member of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (JSAP)
・Official member of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (JAAM)


1-32-14,Ebisunishi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0021 Japan

0120-937-437 03-5728-2306 10 : 00 〜 18 : 00 [ Last admission is at 17:00 ](Closed on Sunday and Monday) info@ebisubiyougeka.com