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Botulinum Toxin Injection

The simplest cosmetic treatment is Botulinum Toxin Injection commonly known as Botox.

Mostly used in the muscle to reduce old-age face, and have wrinkles less stand out. Also reduced saggy skin from the face can be expected.

For section such as forehead, glabella, and around the eye can lead to deep wrinkles or saggy skin when left alone. By a constant injecting to these sections 3~4 times/year, muscle contraction can be avoided, leading to less saggy skin and maintain a youthful look. Also effective in injecting in the masseter for smaller facial line, and injecting in the armpit to reduce sweating.
Different among individuals, but normally last about 3 months~6 months.

Recommended for the following people.

・First time in cosmetic treatment, and want to have an easy start.
・Have done surgery for anti-aging, and want to maintain a constant youth.

Post-operative swelling The day of operation redness and swelling will be seen, but usually eases by the next day. Internal bleeding will be seen due to the injection, but can be hidden by makeup.
Pain Pain will be felt during injection. An anesthetic can be provided before surgery upon request.
Daily Activities 【Makeup】Day of 【Face Wash】Day of 【Hair Wash】Day of
Return Visit Return visit is unnecessary.
(Examination is available upon request)
Disadvantage Some may experience heaviness in the head, feel uncomfortable, or unnatural expression is some parts. This is only a temporary effect, and will be healed without difficulty.
Effect Different among individuals, but normally lasts 3 months~6 months
Price 1 line of forehead, Glabella, Root of nose, Corner of Eye, under the eye, masseter, chin:¥20,000~/section


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